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Posted: 1 Jul '20

What Questions You Need to Ask Your Contractor Before a Custom Office Renovation

What Questions You Need to Ask Your Contractor Before a Custom Office Renovation

Completing an office renovation can transform the way you do business. Whether you are looking for an open office concept or a more traditional layout, the design you choose can make it easier for your team members to do their jobs. Before you jump straight into the renovations, though, it is important to have a serious discussion with your builders to ensure everyone is on the same page. Here are a few important questions you'll need answered before you get started. Contact us to learn more.

How much will it cost?

Cost is likely one of your biggest concerns in completing an office renovation, so it’s important to get this discussion out of the way at the beginning. The better you understand your budget for the project, the easier it will be for your builders to deliver a design that will work for you.  

Even with a custom project, your builder will likely have price guidelines for various items, like light fixtures, wall partitions, carpeting and more. This will help guide you in figuring out which options you can afford and which would be nice to include, but not essential.  

Be sure to get the price quote in writing before you start your office renovation. This way, you can reference back to it and make changes as needed to keep the project within budget.  

How long will it take?

Depending on the extent of your office renovation plan, you could be facing a few days of chaos in your office or several months. An experienced renovation contractor should have a good idea of how long various aspects of your renovation will take, enabling them to give you a fairly accurate estimate of the time commitment involved.  

Knowing the expected timeline for the project will enable you to better plan for the ongoing operations of your business during construction. This leads us to our next question.  


Can you keep working during the renovations?  

In some cases, you and your team may still be able to use portions of your office while others are under construction. Be sure to ask your builder not just for a timeline for completion, but also an explanation of how your office renovation will impact the usability of your space. You'll want to know which areas will be safe to use and which will be off-limits so you can make arrangements to accommodate your employees as they continue working.  

If you won't be able to use the space during your office renovation, you'll need to make alternative arrangements for your workers. They may be able to work remotely, or you can rent a space to serve as a temporary office, for example. The latter will increase your costs, so be sure to factor these added expenses into your budget.  

Start Planning Your Custom Office Renovation  

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