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Posted: 18 Mar '20

The Most Important Things to Know Before Meeting with a Custom Home Builder

Building a custom home is a sure-fire way to ensure you get exactly what you want in a home. Rather than trying to find an existing home that fits with your lifestyle and preferences, you'll have ultimate control over the size, layout and design of your new house. Contact our team to start designing your custom home. 

Your first step in the process will be to find an appropriate custom home builder to create your dream house. To get the best results from your initial consultation with your builder, it helps to come to the meeting prepared. Here's what you should have figured out before your consultation.  

Your Budget  

Above all else, you need to have worked out at least a preliminary budget. This way, you and your builder will be starting off on the same page. While it’s not necessary to have an exact budget down to the penny, it helps to have a general price range in mind as a starting point. Be sure to leave a bit of wiggle room in your initial estimate to allow for any potential complications and to give yourself freedom to make changes to your initial plan.  

Overall Home Style

Next, you'll need to think about the general style you are looking for in your home. This will help you narrow down your options in terms of custom home builders. Some builders specialize in craftsman homes, while others may be more experienced in contemporary styles. 

You'll want to choose a builder that can easily accommodate your needs without having to go too far outside their core capabilities. The more closely your style matches with the builder's expertise, the better your chances of the build going as smoothly as possible.  

Layout Ideas and Preferences

Once you have settled on an overall style, your next step is to start coming up with ideas for the interior layout. Don't feel the need to plan everything out exactly. Your custom home builders will bring their insight and expertise to finalizing the layout. 

That being said, it does help to decide whether you are looking for an open concept or a more traditional floor plan. Figure out how many bedrooms you would like, as well as any leisure areas you hope to include. The more specific you can be about what you want, the easier it will be for your builder to deliver a suitable design, minimizing the amount of time you'll spend going back and forth on revisions.  

Questions for Your Custom Home Builders  

Finally, you'll want to be prepared with a list of questions for your builder. You'll want to ask about their licenses, insurance and available home warranties. Find out what is included in the price of your build as well. Premium fixtures, flooring, painting and landscaping may cost extra, or you may need to bring in outside contractors for some tasks, so it helps to know what to expect in advance.  

Start Designing Your Custom Home Today! 

When you are ready to make the leap into building a custom home, we are here to help. Reach out to our team of custom home builders today to learn more about our services and start the design process.  

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About the Author: Elio Gabucci

Elio has been living and working in the Edmonton area since 1958. In 2000, he decided to leverage his background in construction and project management to start Meridian Master Builders and share his passion for home building with Edmonton and area residents.